Page Sanctuary Church of God in Christ

The Women's Department 

The Women's Department of Page Sanctuary is under the direction of First Lady, Missionary Lady Bernae Richardson. The auxilaries under this department help fulfill the overall vision and goals of the church.

Usher Board

The responsibility of the Usher Board is to meet the people at the door with a smile and reassure them that they are in the LORD's house. They are to see that the people are properly seated. If a program or bulletin has been prepared, they must make sure the people each have one. This unit should be on hand at all services, meetings and conventions.



Nekki Jackson 


Women's Empowerment 

Women's Empowerment is to help women to grow spiritually and naturally. It is important that women are armed with the truth of God. We must protect our heart and mind while keeping our wills strong in this day and time. This is to increase our effectiveness in our homes, communities and churches.


Missy Lady Bernae Richardson 


Purity Class


The Purity Class is comprised of boys and girls ages 12-19. Members of this auxiliary are called Puritans. The mission of the Puritans is to provide a wholesome environment for youth development as well rounded and balanced individuals whose lives are dedicated to living a saved and sanctified lifestyle.


Purity President

Deacon Larry Brannon and Sis Barbara Brannon

Sunshine Band 

The Sunshine Band is an auxiliary with the purpose of ministering to and nurturing our young children twelve years and under. The primary focus of the Sunshine Band is to reach our children and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years. Through meaningful and wholesome activities such as music, Bible study, drama, arts, crafts, field trips, etc. our children grow in the way God wants them to go.

Sunshine Band President

Sis Gloria Hampton 



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